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St. John's Episcopal Church

The Girard History Museum occupies the former St. John’s Episcopal Church.  Built of local limestone and oak in the Late Gothic Revival style, church construction was competed in 1888.  The building features beautiful late 19th century-stained glass windows made in St. Louis, Missouri, and a 1917 Vogel-Barker-Cisler Company pipe organ made in Marietta, Ohio.  The church was deactivated in 1972 and purchased by the Crawford History Museum (precursor the current museum) with the help of retired Colonel Quentin Pease and his wife Sarah (Flint) Pease.  It was then repaired and restored with the help of a Kansas Heritage Trust grant.  The church was opened as the Girard Historical Museum in 2018.

Vaulted oak ceiling.

1917 Vogel-Barker-Cisler Pipe Organ.

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